Welcome to the Help Desk!

  •  Have general questions about a rental order?
      Please refer to our rental page for detailed information.
  •  Can I extend my existing rental term?
      Unfortunately we don't support extensions right now! Please make sure that the return date listed will work for you before placing your order. If you need to keep your book past the rental return date listed, you will need to convert your rental to a purchase through our buyout feature. To view this option, log in to your bookstore account, click the Purchases tab to view your orders, and click the order detail link to view your rental control panel. Available rental actions will appear next to each eligible item.
  •  How do I create a new account?
      Creating an account on TextbookX.com will allow you to use the marketplace for buying and selling, as well as to save your personal information for faster checkouts.

    Click here to create a new account.
  •  I can't log in to my account. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
      If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it yourself. Please be aware that all financial information such as credit cards saved in your account will be deleted for security reasons.

    To begin the reset process, click here.
  •  What is the marketplace?
      The marketplace is a platform on TextbookX.com which allows students and others to buy and sell books directly. Marketplace listings will show up right alongside new and used books.

    Our marketplace is fully secured through the TextbookX.com platform: we handle the seller payment and even provide a shipping label to help keep track of items while in transit. Learn more about the Marketplace here.
  •  What is your privacy policy?
      Our privacy policy is designed to strictly protect our customers. You can view our privacy policy in full here.
  •  Where can I find information about your security guarantee?
      You can view our security guarantee here.
  •  Do you print a catalogue?
      Unfortunately, no. Because our catalog consists of over 1 million items, it can only be accessed online through our search and browse functions.
  •  How is my sales tax calculated?
      TextbookX.com charges applicable sales tax on retail orders shipped to the states where the Company is registered, authorized and required to collect and remit sales taxes. For those states that offer a sales tax exemption when purchasing education materials, an exemption form will be available to complete at checkout. Rental orders are taxed subject to the state regulations in the state of the ship to address.
  •  Can I delete my account?
      Unfortunately once the account is created it can not be deleted. However, you are able to login to your TextbookX.com account and delete your bank account and/or credit card information.
  •  If I order a book from Textbookx.com, does that mean I've created an account?
      When placing an order, at the time of checkout you have the option of proceeding without an account. If you choose to proceed with your checkout without logging in, then an account has not been created.

    If you would like to create an account, please click here.
  •  I don't see my question here. How can I contact TextbookX.com?
      We're sorry that you didn't find your answer.

    Click here to contact our customer service department.
  •  Can I ship to campus?
      You can ship to campus during certain times if your school have campus pickup enabled through our system. Just click on the address dropdown in checkout, choose your campus ship to, and we will populate the shipping information for you. If you don't see an option, but you have a campus shipping address, you should check with your mailroom to make sure it's ok to send packages of books first.
  •  Why aren't any rental, ebooks, used etc. options showing?
      The available options for any item are determined by two factors:
    • If the only item available is a new item, it is likely your professor determined this item should only be available as a new item.
    • If there are some options, but not the one you want, it is because no one is able to provide that option.
  •  How do I redeem my digital course materials?
      Please visit your eLibrary page for redemption instructions.
  •  How can I check the status of my order?
      You can view the status of your order by clicking here: Track Your Order, or by logging into your account online and clicking the "Purchases" tab.
  •  Can I cancel my order?
      Because of our efforts to get your orders shipping as soon as possible, it is often the case that orders cannot be canceled after they are placed. To see if your order can still be canceled, login to your account (here), find your order in the "recent purchases" list, and click "view details". If your order can be canceled or modified, the links to do so will be found on this page.
  •  Can I change my shipping method?
      Because we try to get your order in transit as soon as possible, orders cannot always be modified after they've been placed. To view your options on a given order, first login to your account (here), then find your order in the "recent purchases" section and click "view details". If your order can bew upgraded or otherwise modified, the links to do so will be listed on this page.
  •  How can I track my package?
      Orders can be tracked in two places. If you have an account, simply login to your account (here), find the "purchases" section, and then locate the order in question. You can also track your order without having created an account (you will need your order number and your email address), by clicking here.
  •  What is your return policy?
      Please note that our return policy is different depending on whether your item was purchased on the marketplace or directly from TextbookX.com (marked as new or used online). Please read our return policy carefully to make sure that you are correctly following the procedure for your type of book.

    Click here to read our return policy,
  •  How much is shipping, and how long does it take?
      We offer various shipping methods and timeframes, depending on the types of books being ordered. To find out what shipping levels are available, it is recommended that you put your order together and begin the checkout process.

    For more information on shipping, including rates, click here.
  •  Can I place a purchase order or bulk order?
      If you are a school or other entity, and would like to place an order of $500 or more, you may be eligible to pay with a purchase order. Please fax your request to 203.866.0199 or click here for a quote request.
  •  Do you offer used books?
      We offer many used books, both directly (sold as "Used"), and through our built-in book marketplace. Marketplace books will be shipped directly from their respective buyers, however TextbookX.com will handle all aspects of the financial transaction to make sure that your order is secure. We will even provide the seller with a shipping label to use to get the book to you fast.
  •  Do Used books & eBooks come with supplemental materials such as Access Codes, CD-ROMs, or DVDs?
      Supplemental materials, such as student access codes, CD ROMs, or workbooks are not guaranteed to come with your eBook or Used book purchase (including marketplace books or rental orders), even if the title of the book contains language regarding CD ROMs or other forms of supplements. Although we do our very best to find books that include all their supplements, many such materials are one-time use only and are not available through our suppliers in used condition. Be sure before you order that you either have access to these supplements or that you don't actually need them for your class.
  •  What forms of payment do you accept?
      We currently accept American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard, along with TextbookX.com gift certificates and school-issued financial aid vouchers.

    If you are a school or other entity, and would like to place an order of $500 or more, you may be eligible to pay with a purchase order. Please fax your request to 203.866.0199 or click here for a quote request.
  •  What does it mean if my order status is "confirmed"?
      When your order status is confirmed, this means that your book is in-stock and is processing.

    The order status will change when your package ships, and you will be notified via email with your tracking information.
  •  I chose expedited shipping; why haven't I received my order?
      Please note that at the time of purchase your book or order may have had a pre-ship timeframe of a few business days. This timeframe was noted on the book page and during the checkout process.

    When the order is confirmed, it will ship out within the time frame quoted, with the expedited shipping method you selected.
  •  How do I pay with my school voucher / gift certificate?
      If your school assigned you a voucher, or if you were issued a gift certificate or store credit code by TextbookX.com, you can use this code during checkout to pay for your order. Simply continue with the checkout process until you arrive at the payment selection page. Enter your code in a box marked "special codes", above the credit card form.

    If your order is more than the value of your code, you will need to enter a credit card to cover the remainder---please note that we will exhaust your code before putting anything onto your credit card.
  •  How long does it take to process a refund?
      When you receive notification of a refund via email, it will take several business days to post back to your credit or debit card. (Refunds for orders placed via gift certificate should process within one business day.)

    If it has been more than 7 business days and the funds have not posted back to the card used to place the order, please contact us here.
  •  My order was canceled but there is still a charge on my account; when will it be removed?
      If your order has been canceled, please note that the charge on your card is an authorization charge. This is not an actual charge but a hold, which will be automatically removed within several business days after you have been notified of cancellation.
  •  I'm having trouble with my e-book, where do I call for assistance?
      If you are experiencing technical issues with your e-book, please contact us through the help form found here:
  •  How do I sell a book online?
      We have tried to make selling a book online as easy as possible. And you will never pay any fees unless your book sells. To begin selling on the TextbookX.com marketplace, you must first create an account online (here). Once logged into your account, click the "sales" tab to bring up your seller's page, where you will find a textbox for entering your first book. You can also locate your book via the TextbookX.com search. Next to each listing you will see a link, "Sell this Item Now", which will begin the posting process.

    For more information on the marketplace, click here.
  •  As a seller, how am I paid?
      Sellers can choose between two payment methods: either a direct deposit into a checking or savings bank account, or in the form of TextbookX.com store credit, which will be boosted in value by 5%. For individual sellers, orders will be intialized for payment three business days after your order delivers to the buyer, and then dispersed to you in batches twice per month.

    For more information on seller payments, please click here.
  •  I am an individual marketplace seller and have never received payment for a sale. The pending date has been pushed back; when will I receive payment?
      The reason that we were unable to initiate your payment is because you have not yet selected your preferred payment method.

    In order to set the payment preference in your account settings, first you'll need to log in. Starting (here) click "log in," and then enter your username and password. When you have logged into your account, please click 'Settings'. Once you do this, on the next page please scroll down. On the left side of the screen under ''Account Management,'' click "Enter payment information".

    Once you have filled out your payment information please select the Update Payment Information link at the bottom of the form to save your information. Payment cycles for individual sellers are on the 7th and 22nd of every month. If all your information is updated and correct and your orders have been marked delivered and you are still not receiving payment, please contact us here.
  •  Do you provide a shipping credit?
      We currently pay sellers a fixed shipping credit which should be suffiencient to cover most orders, based on the shipping level selected by the buyer.

    For the latest shipping credits and policies, please visit our Shipping Credit page.
  •  How do I print the shipping label for my sale?
      When you have sold a book on TextbookX.com, we will notify you via email (or, optionally, as a text message to your cell phone). Once you have logged into your account, you will be prompted to confirm your sale, which will then take you to a page that will give you direct access to a shipping label, already filled in with your buyer's address.

    The shipping label can be created in one of two formats, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or image (.gif/.tiff). If you support UPS and your buyer selected that carrier during checkout, then your label will be prepaid with postage; otherwise you will still need to apply the correct postage before mailing.
  •  Can I cancel a sale?
      While it is not encouraged, sellers can cancel a sale if they receive an order and find that they no longer have the book available to send out. When you are notified of a new order, you will be prompted to login to your account on TextbookX.com. Once logged in, click through to the "sales" page, and navigate down to the order in question. You will see two options: confirm or cancel.

    Please note that canceling too many orders may result in poor feedback and negative seller ratings, so it is important to update your inventory when a book is no longer in your possession.
  •  Can I put my inventory on vacation hold?
      Yes. We offer a vacation hold feature which will put all of your inventory on hold temporarily, without otherwise affecting their prices or quantities. Vacation holds can be lifted at any time, however please note that marketplace books may expire while on hold, so you should check those dates when reactivating your books.

    To use the vacation hold feature, login to your account (here), then navigate to your "sales" page, and click the link named "view more inventory items". You should see a link for the vacation hold at the top of this page.
  •  Do you offer special tools for volume and bulk sellers?
      Our system has functions that may be suitable for small to medium-sized stores. Inventory can be uploaded through comma-delimited files directly through your online web account.

    If your store is too large for this type of submission, or if you wish to use your own shipping labels and are capable of managing your sales and inventory through file transfers, we do offer an FTP option for account management. To learn more about this type of management, please visit our Volume Sellers page or email us to request a volume seller account.
  •  Why is my payment on hold?
      Payments are placed on hold for two reasons--either the buyer requested a refund which is still pending, or else our customer service department is looking into the order for some reason. If you have a payment which shows on hold, the first thing to do is to check your messages (here) for any buyer refund requests which have not yet been dealt with.

    If you are not able to determine why a payment remains on hold, please contact TextbookX.com customer service here.
  •  My Marketplace order book was damaged when I got it
      You may contact the seller through the buyer/seller communication tool in your Textbookx.com account and say this: "Hello seller, when I got my book from you it was damaged. The damages are: ..."

    If the seller doesn't reply to you within a couple of days, contact customer service and let us know.
  •  What shipping methods are offered with Marketplace orders?
      You can choose whether you would like your marketplace order shipped to you via U.S. Postal Service Media Mail, Priority Mail, or with UPS when supported by the seller. Please note that Media Mail may not include tracking for all orders. Be on the lookout for Priority Shippers on our Marketplace - this stamp indicates our most reliable sellers who provide tracking information.
  •  What do I do if my Marketplace seller has not responded to my inquiries?
      If you have contacted the seller at least twice and allowed them two days to respond and you still have not heard back from them, you can contact our customer service via email and we will be happy to intervene on your behalf. We take customer service issues very seriously and we will want to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible.
  •  What is the Buyer Protection Policy?
      Please visit our Buyer Protection Policy page to read your Rights as a Buyer in the Marketplace.
  •  Can I return a book purchased on the marketplace?
      Unless there is a material discrepancy between what the Seller offered and what the Buyer received (incorrect book, misrepresented condition, etc.), all returns to the Seller are at the sole discretion of the Seller and must be agreed to by the Seller in advance of the return.

    Buyers must initiate this contact through Buyer/Seller Communication. For more information, please consult the (Buyer Protection Policy).
  •  I did not receive my marketplace order. What should I do?
      The first thing to do when there is a problem with a marketplace order is contact your seller. In most cases the seller will be glad to correct any problem. To contact your seller, first login to your account (here), then find your order in the "purchases" section. You should see a link that will let you contact your seller, and request a refund if necessary.
  •  Can I contact the seller of my marketplace order?
      You may contact the seller through the buyer/seller communication tool in your Textbookx.com account.

    To email your seller, you need to first login to your account using your username and password. On your Account page, please click on the link "Purchases". Under your recent purchases as you scroll towards the right side of your screen just below the tracking number, you would find a link to email your seller. This option is only available if your order has been confirmed.